Thursday, April 20, 2006

Not in the Main Stream Media…..



Day 15:

UM Students Takeover Central Campus Building to Protest Civil Rights AbusesOn the heels of an appeal by local clergy members and University of Miami faculty that janitors on the fifteenth day of a hunger strike step down and permit the community to take up the fast in their name, university students overwhelmed the school’s admissions office in a show of concern and support. Janitors have refused to end their fast. More than 75 workers and supporters rallied outside the building in support of janitors—employed by UNICCO Services—and their fight for a better life.

Have you called Donna?

YOU CAN HELP -- Call Donna Shalala at (305) 284-5155. Tell her:

1. She has the power to resolve this strike.
2. She should intervene on behalf of the workers and call on UNICCO to end its civil rights abuses against the immigrant janitors.
3. She should make UNICCO allow the workers to form a union using the most fair and democratic means available – a card check election where all parties remain neutral.

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