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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Take a moment to "speak out"

There is also a petition for restoring Veteran's Benefits at this site that I encourage you to read and sign. Those who serve us deserve no less than a lifetime of care, so step up and let your Representative know where your heart is.

Democratic Agenda for September 24, 2007

I follow the news carefully and I am outraged at the innumerable crimes of the Bush Administration - and the failure of Congress to stop those crimes.

As my Representative in Congress, these are the actions I want you to take this week.

1. Join the 81 Members who have signed the Progressive Caucus "Peace Pledge" to oppose any more Iraq funding except to bring our troops safely home before Bush leaves office.

2. Oppose amnesty and immunity for telephone companies that illegally spied on American citizens without a warrant.

3. Oppose Michael Mukasey for Attorney General because he (a) wants to keep Guantanamo open despite the strong objections of the world (b) allow "enhanced interrogation techniques" which is just Bushspeak for torture, an international war crime, and (c) abused material-witness laws to lock up Muslims without charges.

4. Oppose the Lieberman-Kyl-Graham-Coleman Declaration of War on Iran

5. Support the Feinstein-Harkin bill to close Guantanamo.

6. Oppose Hans von Spakovsky for FEC Commissioner because of his key role in illegal voter suppression, disciminatory and illegal voter ID laws, the illegal TX redistricting engineered by Tom DeLay, and the stolen election in Florida, all documented here:

7. Support the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

8. Investigate Newsweek's report that Dick Cheney is trying to provoke a war with Iran

9. Co-sponsor H.Res. 333 to Impeach Dick Cheney for lying about Iraq

10. Introduce Articles of Impeachment for George Bush for at least 10 egregiously impeachable offenses:

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Stop the junk calls and junk mail

Helpful hints can keep pesky marketers at bay
Published: September 23rd, 2007 01:00 AM

Is your trash can overflowing with catalogues and credit card offers? Don’t just sit there and simmer. Here are some steps for keeping the marketers at bay from Money magazine reporter Ismat Sarah Mangla:

Make your intentions known. Cut back sales calls to your home by signing up for the National Do Not Call Registry ( Stanch the inflow of junk mail by registering your name at the Direct Marketing Association. (

Beware of “privacy policies.” Any time you buy a product that includes a so-called “privacy policy,” watch out: If you ignore it, you may be clearing the way for the company to sell your name and address to other vendors. When you spot one, take the time return it with a note denying permission to share your name.

Stop the cascade of catalogues. Most companies that peddle their products via catalogue get consumers’ names from a database called Abacus, says Mangla. To get your name off their lists, just e-mail

Block credit card offers. Save yourself the trouble of shredding prescreened credit card offers by visiting, a joint venture of the credit-reporting agencies Equifax, TransUnion and Experian.

This article was borrowed from the Tacoma News Tribune

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sunday, September 09, 2007

DLC speed bump for progressive agenda

After watching Rahm Emanuel and the DLC Democrats take credit for the Howard Dean strategy leading up to the 2006 elections, I have been curious about the true colors of the DLC. A lot of this information is pre-2006 election, but the underlying concept comes out loud and clear. Getting corporate money out of our election process is going to be more of a challenge than I realized.

Some of these Senators and Representatives are too deep in the mire to be extracted and cleaned off, so the only option is to support and elect true progressives. If your politician is on the DLC membership list, take a long hard look at their voting tendencies and decide if you are willing to put them back into office. Remember, some of this info is outdated…

Brian Baird, U.S. Representative,WA
Max Baucus, U.S. Senator, MT
Evan Bayh, U.S. Senator, IN
Melissa Bean, United States Representative, IL
Shelley Berkley, U.S. Representative, NV
Maria Cantwell, U.S. Senator, WA
Lois Capps, U.S. Representative, CA
Russ Carnahan, U.S. Representative, MO
Tom Carper, U.S. Senator, DE
Ed Case, U.S. Representative, HI
Ben Chandler, U.S. Representative, KY
Hillary Clinton, U.S. Senator, NY
Kent Conrad, U.S. Senator, ND
Joseph Crowley, U.S. Representative, NY
Jim Davis, U.S. Representative, FL
Artur Davis, U.S. Representative, AL
Susan Davis, U.S. Representative, CA
Christopher Dodd, U.S. Senator, CT
Byron Dorgan, U.S. Senator, ND
Rahm Emanuel, U.S. Representative, IL
Eliot Engel, U.S. Representative, NY
Bob Etheridge, U.S. Representative, NC
Dianne Feinstein, U.S. Senator, CA
Harold Ford, Jr. , U.S. Representative, TN
Charlie Gonzalez, United States Representative, TX
Jane Harman, U.S. Representative, CA
Stephanie Herseth, U.S. Representative, SD
Rush Holt, U.S. Representative, NJ
Darlene Hooley, U.S. Representative, OR
Jay Inslee, U.S. Representative, WA
Steve Israel, U.S. Representative, NY
Tim Johnson, U.S. Senator, SD
John Kerry, U.S. Senator, MA
Ron Kind, U.S. Representative, WI
Herb Kohl, U.S. Senator, WI
Mary Landrieu, U.S. Senator, LA
Rick Larsen, U.S. Representative, WA
John Larson, U.S. Representative, CT
Joe Lieberman, U.S. Senator, CT
Blanche Lincoln, U.S. Senator, AR
Carolyn McCarthy, U.S. Representative, NY
Mike McIntyre, U.S. Representative, NC
Gregory Meeks, U.S. Representative, NY
Charlie Melancon, United States Representative, LA
Juanita Millender-McDonald, U.S. Representative, CA
Jim Moran, U.S. Representative, VA
Bill Nelson, U.S. Senator, FL
Ben Nelson, U.S. Senator, NE
David Price, U.S. Representative, NC
Mark Pryor, U.S. Senator, AR
Loretta Sanchez, U.S. Representative, CA
Adam B. Schiff, U.S. Representative, CA
Allyson Schwartz, U.S. Representative, PA
David Scott, U.S. Representative, GA
Adam Smith, U.S. Representative, WA
Vic Snyder, United States Representative, AR
Debbie Stabenow, U.S. Senator, MI
Ellen Tauscher, U.S. Representative, CA
Tom Udall, U.S. Representative, NM
David Wu, U.S. Representative, OR

This is must read stuff:

Friday, September 07, 2007

Ron Paul packs Hannity's fudge

I am not advocating for Ron Paul, but it does my heart good to see anyone make Hannity whine. In this exchange following Ron Paul's run-away debate win, Hannity gets the final points needed for his "Stupidest Blusterfuck on Earth" merit badge.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

We are so in the dark (and it promises to get darker)

A nugget from Booman Tribune

by Larry Johnson

Wed Sep 5th, 2007 at 05:11:26 PM EST

Why the hubbub over a B-52 taking off from a B-52 base in Minot, North Dakota and subsequently landing at a B-52 base in Barksdale, Louisiana? That’s like getting excited if you see postal worker in uniform walking out of a post office. And how does someone watching a B-52 land identify the cruise missiles as nukes? It just does not make sense.

So I called a old friend and retired B-52 pilot and asked him. What he told me offers one compelling case of circumstantial evidence. My buddy, let’s call him Jack D. Ripper, reminded me that the only times you put weapons on a plane is when they are on alert or if you are tasked to move the weapons to a specific site.

Then he told me something I had not heard before.

Barksdale Air Force Base is being used as a jumping off point for Middle East operations. Gee, why would we want cruise missile nukes at Barksdale Air Force Base. Can’t imagine we would need to use them in Iraq. Why would we want to preposition nuclear weapons at a base conducting Middle East operations?

His final point was to observe that someone on the inside obviously leaked the info that the planes were carrying nukes. A B-52 landing at Barksdale is a non-event. A B-52 landing with nukes. That is something else.

Now maybe there is an innocent explanation for this? I can’t think of one. What is certain is that the pilots of this plane did not just make a last minute decision to strap on some nukes and take them for a joy ride. We need some tough questions and clear answers. What the hell is going on? Did someone at Barksdale try to indirectly warn the American people that the Bush Administration is staging nukes for Iran? I don’t know, but it is a question worth asking.

Discovered at Left Edge North

Saturday, September 01, 2007

If you can't do something, do nothing

I don't really know what works and what doesn't, but I do know that there is a way to feel like you are contributing.
Fill up on gas and groceries prior to the 11th, and get your sign put together the night before. This date falls on a Tuesday, so it will be evident that the people are having a say...especially if there is little to no vehicle traffic out there, and lots of foot traffic.
If you want to prep a little, go watch Zeitgeist The Movie

Election Memories 1 of 3

These three videos are merely reminders of what has been and what will continue to be unless we go back to hand counted paper ballots for future elections. Video 3 of 3 is about 28 minutes long, but the conversation is the point.

We are a vast number of people being herded by the power brokers of the world. Until George W. Bush slithered into the White House, we were generally content to live our lives without the thought of raising too much hell...but he is overly greedy and ambitious, which has made going along with the flow much more painful than ever before. Point made.

Now, pay attention

Election Memories 2 of 3

I would have liked to post the original "Dan Rather Reports" segment, but this is all I could find on Youtube

Election Memories 3 of 3