Friday, September 07, 2007

Ron Paul packs Hannity's fudge

I am not advocating for Ron Paul, but it does my heart good to see anyone make Hannity whine. In this exchange following Ron Paul's run-away debate win, Hannity gets the final points needed for his "Stupidest Blusterfuck on Earth" merit badge.


Mr. Natural said...

Heh. I aint no fan of Paul, but do enjoy seeing dirtballs like Hannity handed their lunch!
Thanks for the nice comments over at my place. I changed the format when my Democratic precinct chairman (?) told me he could not read my blog very well with his cataracts.
Just for fun, sometime have a look over at my other blog

Anonymous said...

I am voting for Paul. I'm a normal guy, with an education, with a wife and a home in suburbia. I am normal, conservative, and middle-aged.

Hannity has made his pact with the Devil. He alone will suffer for it. I pity the man.

Ron Paul is an amazing candidate. His policies make complete sense to me. I have absolutely no reservations about his policies. Paul is just what this country needs -- a good housecleaning. Our economy would skyrocket, once all the endless financial parasites are tossed in the dumpster.