Thursday, November 30, 2006

Two years to "unfix" the system

Welcome to Election Defense Alliance

EDA Press Release / Nov. 17, 2006

Landslide Denied!

Major Miscount in 2006 Election: Were 4% of Votes "Misplaced"?

Election Defense Alliance, a national election integrity organization, issued an urgent call today for an investigation into the 2006 election results and a moratorium on deployment of all electronic voting equipment after analysis of national exit polling data indicated a major undercount of Democratic votes and an overcount of Republican votes in congressional races across the country. These findings are an alarming indictment of the American election system in which 80% of voters used electronic voting equipment.


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Non political request for help

RED LAKE, MINN. - Authorities believe they have ruled out an abduction by a relative in the disappearance of two young brothers.
Tristan White, 4, and Avery Stately, 2, disappeared the day before Thanksgiving after going to play outside their house on the Red Lake Indian Reservation. Major ground searches failed to find the boys.
FBI spokesman Paul McCabe said more than 200 leads have been pursued since the boys disappeared, with hundreds of interviews conducted.
"We feel fairly confident that no relatives have the children, as we've been able to track down all the immediate family and next-line relatives," McCabe said in an interview Tuesday on WCCO-AM in Minneapolis.
The FBI last week offered a $20,000 reward for information that leads to the boys.
The boys, both American Indian, have short brown hair and brown eyes. Tristan was described as 3 feet 6 and wearing a dark blue Spider-Man jacket with yellow trim, Levis jeans and black and gray winter boots. Avery was described as 2 feet tall and wearing a gray pullover sweatshirt that says "Timberland" on the front, faded Levi's jeans and Spider-Man tennis shoes.

Friday, November 24, 2006

The rabid dogs of war

A reckoning is coming on depleted uranium munitions because the damage done to our returning Veterans and their families is increasing exponentially with every passing day...yet the Pentagon is fighting hard to keep the truth covered up.

Ignore this issue at your own peril for none of us are safe from the fallout of a single exploded DU munition, and the US exploded 300 tons of this crap during the first Gulf War.

Entertain the possibilities by exploring this website. You might consider packing a lunch as it could be a long stay to absorb the entire story of the ruination of our most precious resource.

How can we possibly forgive?

The true value of a politician remains to be seen as the new Democratically controlled Congress is sworn in this coming January, and the pervasive evil inherent in the current ruling cartel is slowly exposed through investigations and hearings. I am hopeful that the incoming Congress will actually represent the interests and well being of the Nation and the World.

There are many reasons that “business as usual” must be drastically and forever changed as soon as possible, and I would like to emphasize two of them… the criminal lack of responsibility perpetrated on America and the World by the Military Industrial Complex and corporations like Monsanto.

Jeff Rense at exhibits a treasure trove of information that will never see the light of day in the main stream media as long as that media is under the control of organizations and corporations that are complicit in perpetuating the ills that plague our current society.

The issue of Depleted Uranium has been downplayed since the Gulf War instigated by Herbert Walker Bush, but has wreaked havoc on the health of the world.

This link will take you to a series of ten minute videos that shed an immense amount of light on the DU problem, and every citizen should take a vow to learn as much as possible about this issue. Watch the videos!

This link will take you to an article re-posted at about the additives that have been forced into our food chain by Monsanto and the politicians they obviously own. If you have children and/or grandchildren, you MUST become a knowledgeable activist regarding the safety of the food that determines the quality of life for our current and all future generations. Read the article!

It is my deepest desire that the incoming Congress will act quickly and decisively to reverse the trend of viewing the populace as a throw-away society to be used until no longer useful to the corporations, and then discarded with nary a backward glance. The list of criminal co-conspirators is longer than my imagination can conceive, and they all need to be brought to account…beginning with George W. Bush and his current Administration.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Setting up future elections: opinion or factual?

I find it extremely interesting that the cable news pundits (and others) are so capable of explaining why the results of the mid-term election finalized the way it did, with Democratic gains and Republican losses.

James Pinkerton (on Huffington Post) tries to explain his take on how “Reagan Democrats” will change the world with their voting patterns. For some reason, he doesn’t mention the fact that trends are not really creditable unless the election results are consistently accurate over a span of multiple elections.

Let’s assume that election confidence could be established with some simple steps, and realistic trends could then be established based on the true values and desires of the American voter. I seriously wonder how much we would continue to rely on the educated opinions of political pundits being paid high dollars for their work.

The following excerpt explains how to lay the foundation for getting to the trend phase:

AN END TO "FAITH-BASED" VOTING:Computer Security and Statistical Analysts Describe a Simple and Powerful alternative


Today the Election Defense Alliance released a report describing the practical implementation details of a simple, unimpeachable method for ensuring the accuracy of electronic voting systems by a public handcount of paper ballot records. This “Universal Precinct-Based Handcount Sample” (UPS) is a simple, feasible method of hand-counting a sample of paper ballot records in-precinct, on election night, by citizens themselves. It not only returns oversight of elections to the American people, where it rightfully belongs, the UPS is also far more accurate than alternative election audit proposals—where only a few percent of precincts are hand-counted, often in secret, and always after the fact. (Download the full report at )

The simple, practical UPS validation approach detects fraud or error from any source altering the electronic tally by as little as one percent (1%) with a minimum ninety-nine percent (99%) level of confidence.

In our current political climate, any challenge to a corrupt election must be timely and have very strong justification, or candidates risk being labeled “sore losers” and accompanying ridicule. The UPS validation, by virtue of being accurate to such a high degree of confidence, enables any candidate of any party to contest any Outcome-altering problems with the electronic tally. And since the UPS hand count is done in-precinct on election night, its findings would be available on election night, enabling candidates in federal or statewide elections to challenge a corrupted tally before the election’s outcome becomes a foregone conclusion in the mind of the public, and before the results are officially certified.

The report describes the specific means of effectively conducting a public hand count of 10% of the paper ballot records in 100% of the precincts in federal and statewide races. The UPS is to be conducted “in-precinct” on election night, by citizens representing all concerned political parties, and open to general public observation. Because it is conducted in-precinct, the UPS avoids the difficult task of protecting the chain of custody of paper ballot records in 180,000 U.S. precincts. In fact, all the alternative after-the-fact “spot-audit” schemes (such as HR 550, often referred to as the Holt bill) impose this monumental burden – since in all those protocols, all precincts must safeguard ballot records until just a few percent are “randomly chosen” some time after the election. Integrity of the chain of custody will be especially suspect, of course, in just those suspect elections which such audits are proposed to safeguard. Since a 10% hand-count sample would be drawn in 100% of precincts on election night, the UPS also eases the transition to decentralized, citizen-monitored hand-count verifications of elections, placing responsibility for the integrity of the vote count in the hands of the American people, where it rightfully belongs.

Most importantly, the UPS is inherently resistant to manipulation. The report describes how any attempt to systematically manipulate the UPS audit would be extraordinarily difficult to conduct and to conceal. Not only would it require a very large number of participants, any effort to skew the 10% paper hand count in favor of a candidate would be very likely to increase the overall discrepancy, not decrease it. The UPS provides a simple, effective, and vastly more powerful alternative for election validation than does the proposed HR 550 audit, and all such “spot-audit” proposals. The UPS provides a decentralized hand count, reduces chain of custody concerns and provides citizens and candidates a clear and timely warning of fraud or error. Therefore Election Defense Alliance recommends UPS as an alternative to the HR 550 audit.

In order to restore and maintain citizen trust in the integrity of American democracy, it is critical that wherever electronic vote tallying is performed, paper ballot records must always be produced and must always be checked by the best possible “security mechanism” – the American people, working together in public.

Read the rest

Feeling comfy about the mid-term results?

Now that the Democrats have regained control of the House and apparent control of the Senate, are you once again confused about the supposed voter fraud being perpetrated on the American voter?

You might think that the system has been repaired to the point that it finally reflects the will of the people because the Democratic Party has emerged victorious in a multitude of races, but how are you going to feel when the situation reverses in 2008…and another Republican candidate and his corporate cabinet forces their way into the White House?

I could actually deal with that scenario if I was confident that it accurately reflected the intent of the voting public, but it won’t… unless the return to paper ballots (optically scanned) with hand counted audits and precinct posted tallies becomes the new reality in every precinct in the Nation.

Check out this 18 minute video:

Help America Vote on paper

There is a desperate need to become even more vocal about returning the election process to the people, and removing it from the control of the corporations. You can learn much more here.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

War Profiteering

Dear Brave New Supporters,
When we started in January, war profiteering was a subject that desperately needed attention. It was a story that wasn't being told and the issue cried out for exposing. And then this past Sunday November 12 the issue was front and center on page one of the New York Times and all over the news. In different and various permutations, the headlines all read that there will be hearings, there will be oversight, questions will be asked. The profiteers will be exposed.
Is amazing too strong of a word? It is a result of all your efforts.. Your support of Iraq for Sale and the issue of war profiteering has been remarkable.
So, thank you to the volunteer researchers who worked in secret to get us key information.
Thank you to the thousands of screening hosts who made over 4,000 official screenings happen.
Thank you to the Patriots Against War Profiteering who donated 8,500 DVDs to libraries, schools, and military installations around the country and around the world so this film can be seen by as wide an audience as possible. Read some responses from folks who received the film, like that of Army Medic Dan Walsh who wrote to us while serving in Iraq “This stuff needs to be known by the average American."
Thank you to Senator Dorgan, his staff and the Democratic Policy Committee who hosted hearings in DC on this issue- and invited people in Iraq for Sale to participate and share their stories. You can watch video of the hearings at the DPC website.
Thank you to the elected officials like Senator Harry Reid, Senator John Kerry, and Congressman James Clyburn who used the film to call attention to the issue and the need for oversight and accountability in the war.
Thank you to all the candidates who ran for office in last week's election - like Jim Webb, who saw the film and immediately agreed to introduce it at our DC premiere and then organized over 100 screenings in Virginia- and candidates across the country like Sherrod Brown and Bernie Sanders who used the film in their campaigns and urged voters to choose a new path.
Thank you to the folks at UNITE HERE who hosted hundreds of screenings across the Mid-West and reached thousands of union members with the film.
Thank you to the heroes and heroines in the military, like Sergeant Jon LaCore who wrote to us after watching the film in Iraq. In his letter he said, "I'm anxious to see if a change in the House and Senate will bring about a change here in Iraq." And, looking at the Sunday paper, it looks as though he may get to see change happen.