Sunday, November 19, 2006

Feeling comfy about the mid-term results?

Now that the Democrats have regained control of the House and apparent control of the Senate, are you once again confused about the supposed voter fraud being perpetrated on the American voter?

You might think that the system has been repaired to the point that it finally reflects the will of the people because the Democratic Party has emerged victorious in a multitude of races, but how are you going to feel when the situation reverses in 2008…and another Republican candidate and his corporate cabinet forces their way into the White House?

I could actually deal with that scenario if I was confident that it accurately reflected the intent of the voting public, but it won’t… unless the return to paper ballots (optically scanned) with hand counted audits and precinct posted tallies becomes the new reality in every precinct in the Nation.

Check out this 18 minute video:

Help America Vote on paper

There is a desperate need to become even more vocal about returning the election process to the people, and removing it from the control of the corporations. You can learn much more here.

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