Friday, November 24, 2006

How can we possibly forgive?

The true value of a politician remains to be seen as the new Democratically controlled Congress is sworn in this coming January, and the pervasive evil inherent in the current ruling cartel is slowly exposed through investigations and hearings. I am hopeful that the incoming Congress will actually represent the interests and well being of the Nation and the World.

There are many reasons that “business as usual” must be drastically and forever changed as soon as possible, and I would like to emphasize two of them… the criminal lack of responsibility perpetrated on America and the World by the Military Industrial Complex and corporations like Monsanto.

Jeff Rense at exhibits a treasure trove of information that will never see the light of day in the main stream media as long as that media is under the control of organizations and corporations that are complicit in perpetuating the ills that plague our current society.

The issue of Depleted Uranium has been downplayed since the Gulf War instigated by Herbert Walker Bush, but has wreaked havoc on the health of the world.

This link will take you to a series of ten minute videos that shed an immense amount of light on the DU problem, and every citizen should take a vow to learn as much as possible about this issue. Watch the videos!

This link will take you to an article re-posted at about the additives that have been forced into our food chain by Monsanto and the politicians they obviously own. If you have children and/or grandchildren, you MUST become a knowledgeable activist regarding the safety of the food that determines the quality of life for our current and all future generations. Read the article!

It is my deepest desire that the incoming Congress will act quickly and decisively to reverse the trend of viewing the populace as a throw-away society to be used until no longer useful to the corporations, and then discarded with nary a backward glance. The list of criminal co-conspirators is longer than my imagination can conceive, and they all need to be brought to account…beginning with George W. Bush and his current Administration.

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Anonymous said...

The steroid enhanced veggies of today are so gross looking I always pick the smallest one in a effort to get veggies that are close to normal. The time bombs left to explode on us are growing by the day. The corporate greed is the undoing of this Country and the world. My sis recently came back from China..and she saw a society under much worse conditions than the enviroment we are living in...SO if this one is the best then what about the rest of the world? WE US citizens are the cause of this too..our insatiable greed for Things we dont pushing 3rd world countries to the limits to provide US with what we "need".