Thursday, August 31, 2006

He wanted to be what he isn’t

We respectfully reject the official explanation

I recently read an article showing images of war devastated areas in the Middle East that had been doctored by adding items such as a child’s teddy bear to enhance the emotional impact of the picture. Nothing was mentioned about the impact of finding an undamaged passport on the street below the World Trade Center after it was destroyed, or finding other incriminating documents as if they were placed to insure that credit for a deed was not misplaced. It is interesting that the media is so knowledgeable in the area of ”enhancing the obvious”, and it begs to question how the “news” about issues and situations is routinely manipulated to help the consumer arrive at a predetermined conclusion about the truth.

We, the consumers of news, have learned to accept rather than question, and that learning has been exploited handsomely by the power conglomerate that has been entrusted to make decisions and policy on our behalf. If you are familiar with the (party poker) advertisement showing a woman convincing her husband that “another” meteor found its way to the hood of her car while she was stopped at a light, you have been exposed to the mentality of the folks running this Government at the present time. They are sitting at the final table with a seven two off suit and all their money in the pot… and they are desperately trying to convince you that they hold the absolute nuts.

When you can turn the system upside down, the ability to confuse any issue, or hide the truth about any hideous act becomes your obvious best ally.

The best ally we, the people, have is open and honest debate. The fact that honorable people have come to differing conclusions is not at all a bad thing so long as all aspects of an issue are placed on the table for discussion. It is only in that environment that our minds can function as designed… and a well informed decision arrived at.

It is way past time to apply this concept to the 9/11 events, and to the issue of corruption in the political process, including using corporate money and voting machines to alter the will of the people in the election process.

Where annual elections end, there slavery begins
~ President John Adams


Anonymous said...

Hey Its Dixxe, I forgot my Blogger password...I have always been one to question whats being told to me...for the most part..sometimes I wait too late to get to the bottom of the truth but I always DO! Im not being taken in by the news or the political chat. Too many sit with their head in the sand...

dailyread said...

Hey Dixxe,
I was just reading your blog about talking with your ex...
I am too tired to post a comment right now (over there) so I'll wait until tomorrow.
It would be great if we had more questions thrown out by the general public regarding Bush has to start soon, I think.