Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Control the the election

Whatever your favorite political issue (you know...the one that gets you off your butt and into the voting booth), it is hard to argue with the importance of having your vote count as it was intended when cast. The issue of election theft has been an ugly reality for Americans since the Supreme Court handed George W. Bush proof of their corrupt devotion in 2000 rather than following through with a ballot count that would have settled the issue with less doubt than ultimately ensued. With GW in the WH, voting machine companies stormed the gates of our polling places, and combined with voter caging and strategic line lengthening, the Rove legacy seemed to be displacing the concept of democratic elections.
With another election knocking at the door, we need to renew the effort to return to paper ballots that are counted by hand while the American voters watch. Nothing else will dislodge the GOP leech from the body of true democracy.

Brad Blog posted this video: (check out black box voting also)

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