Saturday, January 26, 2008

Another creative scam

My email box is a prime target for scammers with a suspect command of the english language. Some of them are pretty creative, like the one below, and they must be getting some response because they just keep coming. I wonder why they don't start their own Mega-Church...
Remember People...this is a scam...

Hello Dear Beloved,

Let me start by introducing myself. I am Marine Capt. Kevin Bixen of 4th Battalion, 14th Marine Regiment, 4th Marine Division, Chattanooga, currently serving in Iraq. My troops were deployed here in 2005 Iraq since the beginning of the war, though I have visited home twice since then Just last week we received an urgent call from Baghdad that some terrorists were camping there and my troops were sent there to forestall their activities.

On perceiving our presence, they first opened attack on us. There was nothing we could do rather than returning fire. We were really under heavy fire. Finally, we brought the situation under control and some of them flee, 20 were killed and we were able to arrest 11 of the alive. When I was interrogating one of them, whom I got to know was their leader, to see if he could give us more useful information. After series of intense interrogation, he led us to where they keep their weapons. I took some of my men and went there not too far from southern Baghdad here in Iraq.

When we alighted from our patrol cars, he took us straight to a deserted building where inhabitants had vacated for long because of the war. Later, he took us to a particular room inside the building where Guns (AK-47) and TNT for making Bombs were kept. I ordered my boys to search the other rooms about 5 minutes later, one of them came back and took me to one of the rooms where there were two (2) trunk boxes. I opened them and to my amazement, there were loaded with the US dollars. I was confused, I ordered him not to show or tell anybody about it and we all returned to our base.

At night of the same day, I took one of my men who found the boxes and we went back there. We found out the total sum amounted to Fifteen Million Five Hundred Thousand United States of America's currency in hundred bills. Now, I need you help to transfer this money because I want it to be in safe hands. Please confirm your interest through this email:( to enable me furnish you with all the details and for your assistance.

Please, endeavor to keep this information discrete. Don’t disclose it to anybody for security reasons and to protect my interest with the US marine force.

Kindly Get Back To Me.
Thank You and God Bless America.
Marine Capt. Kevin Bixen

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Mr. Natural said...

BWA-HA HA HA HA! Like BT Barnum said, there's one born every second!