Friday, December 31, 2004

Trailing Edge of 2004

This close to the beginning of a New Year I should probably be thinking of what lies ahead, but it is very difficult to tear my mind away from the painful and disappointing events of 2004. I am not saying that some positive things didn't occur here and there:
  • Women's soccer captured the gold in Athens
  • Lance Armstrong won his sixth Tour de France (a record feat)
  • We managed to land two NASA rovers on Mars
  • Libya gave up all notions of a Nuclear program
  • Martha Stewart is advocating for a justly warranted cause
  • Washington State has a Christine Governor (not sure what denomination)

I will not dwell on the negative events of 2004, but I will note that the natural disasters raised by the power of the man-made disasters took a heavy toll on my candle supply. "By God" and "In the Name of God" will require candle makers to add a third shift (which just might be the ticket to reviving our economy).

I am excited about beginning this exercise in thought sharing. I have been an avid Blog reader for a couple years now, and I am convinced that this is where the future of truth resides. I look forward to becoming proficient enough in this endeavor to light up another little corner of the common sense world.

For now, Have a safe and Happy New Year.

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