Friday, September 02, 2005

Absolutely Senseless

This situation is absolutely senseless.


Anonymous said...

What do you mean senseless? Don't you think that the fact that they lived 7 feet below sea level that these folks knew that someday they were going to be faced w/ this type of tragedy? I think that it is senseless that the levies weren't reinforced like what was being asked by the Louisianna Senators and other politicians. I think that it is senseless that so many people are still left to die, that the inmates were released - that there wasn't a better plan? There were three days to prepare for the worst-

dailyread said...

It was senseless because there were years to prepare by fulfilling the plans for raising and reinforcing the levees. The diversion of funding and the lack of political will to persist on the projects that might not be politically expedient are the reason this situation occured.

The spotlight will eventually swing to the next political powder keg, which is the use of depleted uranium munitions in Iraq, and the effect it is having on our ground troops (not to mention the civilian population of the countries we have dumped it on).

If anything good comes from all this political ineptitude, it will be a complete reworking of the system.