Thursday, September 22, 2005

Getting caught up

It just doesn’t seem like it is ever going to happen.

In addition to the daily promises I make to myself regarding housekeeping, repair and improvement, I have had an unusual number of commitments to my extended family, some of which I have been unable to keep on schedule. It isn’t often that my friends and family call on me for help, so don’t take this as a complaint…it isn’t.

The result of my diverted attention is a routine that has become nonexistent for the time being. Not only am I neglecting my blog writing, I am also neglecting my blog reading and personal writing, which really bites a big one. I have long depended on Katharine, Mr. Natural, and Karlo to get my day started with an intellectual and informative twist, and I have really missed that these past couple weeks. Hopefully, the black holes in my gray matter will self repair when I resume some type of routine.
In the meantime, I will continue to listen to Air America Radio and hope for the best.


Mr. Natural said...

Rich, I imagine if you are like me at all, you are fortunate indeed to have a routine to BE out of whack. FORWARD, the only valid direction!

Katharine said...

Well, DR, you are missed. Hope you're both well and getting caught up elsewhere!