Saturday, December 03, 2005

Congressional Obligation

As more and more of our public servants are indicted for and convicted of a variety of crimes, it is extremely distressing to me to think that these crooked bastards are going to come out the other end of their prison sentences with all their Congressional benefits intact.

It seems to me that these people signed a contract with, and took an oath to serve the American People. Now that they have reneged on their part of the bargain, why is it that we, the taxpayers, are unable to do the same?

Doesn’t it seem logical that our Congressional Servants would be more inclined to walk the narrow line of honesty and integrity if they understood that wandering from the path could cost them their Golden Parachute? I think so.

I am sick and tired of the flagrant abuse of power and position that many politicians practice, and I want to see it come to an end…preferably at the hands of those in position to change the ways of their fellow lawmakers.

They know who they are, and it is time for them to act.

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