Wednesday, December 14, 2005

More Republicorruption Revealed

12-13-05: Devastating hack proven - Leon County dumps Diebold

Wed. December 14, 2005: Due to contractual non-performance and security design issues, Leon County (Florida) supervisor of elections Ion Sancho has announced that he will never again use Diebold in an election. He has requested funds to replace the Diebold system from the county. On Tuesday, the most serious “hack” demonstration to date took place in Leon County. The Diebold machines succumbed quickly to alteration of the votes. This comes on the heels of the resignation of Diebold CEO Wally O'Dell, and the announcement that a stockholder's class action suit has been filed against Diebold by S... More

The folks at Black Box Voting keep fighting the good fight...FOR YOU.


Mr. Natural said...

You KNOW old Wally got a heck of a golden parachute retirement from the PNAC and the Bushits, eh?

dailyread said...

I have no doubt that everyone involved in Diebold has been well compensated. Now we can only hope they get a cell next to DeLay, Cunningham, Rove, etc.