Thursday, September 14, 2006

Some great news from Florida

12-13-06: Paper Ballots Gaining Momentum - Court Decision, New Guidelines, New Book

THIS JUST IN: Sarasota (FL) judge rules in favor of group seeking paper ballots.

Also in this article: Democracy for New Hampshire issues new "We're Counting the Votes" booklet which includes accepted protocols for Hand Counted Paper Ballots.

And: A book making the case for hand counted paper ballots has now been published.

Court decision first:

Though it hasn't hit the Web as of the time of this posting, Black Box Voting has received the following report:

quote: - From Sarasota Herald Tribune September 13. 2006, 12:52PM


"Sarasota Association for Fair Elections, a group of activists concerned about the reliability of the county's touch screen voting system, won its case to have voters decide whether the county should have a back-up paper ballot system."

"The group gathered enough signatures to get the issue on the ballot in November, but the county refused, saying the proposal was unconstitutional because it conflicts wit... More

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