Monday, October 09, 2006

Acknowledging our most precious asset

If you happened to read the Sunday Comics yesterday, you might have noticed that the Doonesbury strip had a reference to “the Sandbox” at This is a place where we can read what is on the minds of our military people in and out of theater.

If you thought about checking it out, but didn’t for one reason or another, I advise you to check it out now. We will never be treated to a deeper slice of truth than the words cobbled together by our front line war fighters.

Here is the link.

Pass it around.


Mr. Natural said...

GREAT LINK Rich! NOW I am not sure about !-937. THIS outfit ( is SO AGAINST WIND that maybe I AM going to have to vote FOR it just because I dislike the tone of this (LINK). more research....only a couple weeks too!

Mr. Natural said...

Alrighty then...HERE is the bill at the secretary of state's site: