Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Random Thoughts

Every morning as I browse through my favorite blogs and the buzzflash headlines, I stumble across dozens of items that are worthy of posting about, but I have been reluctant to push the post about Depleted Uranium any further away from the top because it is so damned important. There are people in the Pentagon and elsewhere that need to be held up in a public forum and allowed to explain their decision to unleash this toxic material on an innocent world. I know it is going to happen eventually, but it shouldn’t take an eighty or ninety percent Veteran death rate to force the people who can to do the right thing regarding this issue.

I turned sixty in 2005, and decided that my right of passage would be marked by acquiring my first tattoo. I opted for a Gecko, which represents the energy of bringing dreams to reality. It has been an appropriate and significant image for me.
In 2006, many of our Congressional Politicians and their Lobbyist friends will be going through a rite of passage of their own, and I would like to suggest an appropriate and significant tattoo for each of them…”This Side Up” in tribal script right above their ass crack. This would also represent the energy of bringing dreams to reality for many of them.

The voting machine issue (Diebold and ES&S) will be an add-on to the scandal that is currently unfolding before our eyes. I hope the entire truth is revealed, and it shows that the Bush vote was inflated by thirty percent, because it would be painful to think that more than twenty percent of Americans could be stupid beyond recovery. I suspect that GW has never legitimately been elected to any office.

I just heard that the twelve miners in West Virginia have been found alive. Blessed Be!
(Next morning update: I found out that all but one have died, and the single survivor is not expected to make it. My heart goes out to the families.)

Could it be true that GW Bush thinks a court order is something he shouts from the throne?

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