Sunday, June 24, 2007

Every journey begins with...

If you are getting tired of that perpetual daydream about double fisting Karl Rove (because deep down inside you know he would severely enjoy it), how about dipping your awareness into the latest copy of YES Magazine to discover some ways to shut down the bubbling war cauldron.

You will notice that some of the following info is dated, but missing an opportunity to march or peacefully protest simply means you will have to hook up with the next opportunity.

Here is an excerpt:


Here are some resources to make your voice heard:

1. Contact your representative in Congress. For a sampling of key legislation being considered in Washington, see the YES! Peace Page.

2. Write a letter to the newspaper. The letters sections are widely read. Or call in to a talk show. Or call your favorite television station and ask them to cover all sides of the issue. Here's where you can find a listing of local and national media.

3. Get your city or town to pass a resolution. Cities for Progress shows how to do it, including examples of letters and petitions, toolkits, and resource guides.

4. Join in one of the many marches taking place on March 17, the fourth anniversary of the war, in Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and elsewhere.

5. Consider nonviolent direct action. "The Occupation Project: A Campaign of Sustained Nonviolent Civil Disobedience to End the Iraq War," is organizing coordinating activities around the country, mostly centering on March 16-19. The Declaration of Peace is offering training in nonviolent civil disobedience during National Nonviolence Training Week, February 17-25, in preparation for nonviolent action March 16-19.

6. Support our Troops, including those who resist going to war. The court martial of Lt. Watada, the first U.S. military officer to refuse deployment to Iraq, will begin February 5, and supporters are mobilizing around the nation.

7. Sign on to an ad by Rabbi Michael Lerner and Rev. Tony Campolo for Tikkun describing a way to peace, to be published in major U.S. newspapers.

8. Attend a worship service with the Christian Peace Witness on March 16 at the National Cathedral, and then a candlelight procession to the White House. Or plan your own local religious event.

9. Sign a petition that reflects your views. Peace Action is opposing military action against Iran; OutNow and United for Peace & Justice are calling for immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

10. Join the Global Virtual Peace March: is gathering signatures from the international community to form a massive “Internet march.” Already, 89,000 people from over 100 countries have signed on.

11. Learn more about how you can make peace in all dimensions of life. See the YES! Peace Page.

12. Forward the link to our email. Let people on all your lists know how they can be part of the solution. Send them this link:

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