Monday, June 18, 2007


It is the beginning of a new week in America, and I can feel the creative juices bubbling merrily beneath the surface of my indignation. Air America is clacking along in the background (this is 24 hour company at my house), and I am working myself back into the mainstream political awareness mode after a few days of recovery from cataract surgery.

As I check in, there are a number of things that don’t seem to have changed since I opted out from ”being informed” last Thursday:

The Bush occupation in Iraq is still taking American lives
The Justice Department is still in shambles
Many Republicans are corrupt as ever and walking free
The Democrats are focused on 2008 rather than what matters
Articles of Impeachment still languish in limbo
Dairy products are still full of Monsanto poison
American agriculture is still full of Monsanto poison
The American election process is still controlled and manipulated at will
Corporate America is still in complete control of the legislative process
The military industrial complex still owns broadcast television in America
The voice of Dennis Kucinich is still a whisper in the ears of America

Okay, I’ll give it a rest for now. I could have gone on for a while longer, but you get the point. I am not very happy about the fact that we have a National image that is being projected by the deeds of the Bush Administration.

There is an article on Yahoo News this morning about the Congress drawing the wrath of voters because they have not yet figured out how to end the war in the Middle East including the occupation in Iraq. It mentions that the Republican minority has begun to use the term “do nothing Congress” in reference to the Democratic Majority, and that makes me chuckle. I know that the Democrats have not exercised their full ability to bring this stupidity to an end (and I fault them for that) and turn the National focus back onto the issues that matter to the average American, but I am prepared to give them a full year to show their true colors. As an Independent Liberal, I might not vote for a Democrat in 2008, but I sure as Hell won’t be voting for a Republican…ever.

I have a feeling that there will be a third party rising into power that will be part Green Party and part Labor Party. With a viable candidate, they will sweep the Republicans out of existence…yeaaaaaaaaa. The only problem I have had with the Green Party is their inability to impact National politics. I think that will change…sometime.

In the meantime, our Representatives and Senators had better get a clue about how unpopular the current policies have become…and get serious about making some sweeping changes that do more than color the rhetoric. Get rid of corporate funding for elections, and go back to paper ballots counted by hand. The only thing I ever want to see the name Diebold on is my ATM receipt. We also need to vote on renewing broadcast licenses for television and radio. Go fairness doctrine!

Okay…I’m back.

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