Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A critical issue

For those of you unable to find the petition I mentioned a couple posts back, the link is on the next line. If you are not ashamed of Jesus, sign the petition and then vote anything but Republican.

Let's REALLY Thank Our Brave Soldiers...

Restore Bush's Cuts to Veterans Benefits!

"Jessica Lynch was near death and severely injured, when rescued, suffering from an injured back, a broken arm, two broken legs, a head laceration, and fractures in both her right ankle, and foot. It is beyond doubt that Jessica will need medical care for a very long time. But what kind of medical care will this hero get from the country she gave so very much for? At the same time Jessica, and thousands, upon thousands, of America's finest were being sent in harms way, Congress was cutting the budget of the VA's Medical Programs for Veterans by $844 million for the next year. To pay for Bush's massive tax cuts for the super rich. Yes, as America's Finest were carrying rifles into combat, our very own government was betraying them, and stabbing them in the back with ink pens, stealing their future Veterans Benefits. To provide Tax Cuts for Corporate America and the super rich." - VetsforJustice.com

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Mr. Natural said...

Patty's on it Rich! Maria? PAH! I am sure she MUST be a member of the DLC, as is Baird. keep up the good work! If we keep nipping at their shins they are bound to fall someday!