Monday, October 01, 2007

Democratic Agenda for 10/1/07

I support the Weekly Agenda for 10/1/07:

Join the 85 Members who have signed the Progressive Caucus "Peace Pledge" to oppose any more Iraq funding except to bring our troops safely home before Bush leaves office

Ban Iraq war profiteering and contractor crimes with harsh penalties and strict enforcement; repeal the 2002 Authorization of Use of Military Force in Iraq;
oppose the meaningless Abercrombie-Tanner reporting bill

Oppose Dick Cheney's insane plan to bomb Iran and hold Congressional hearings on Cheney's secret Iran warmongering

Oppose amnesty and immunity for telephone companies that illegally spied on American citizens without a warrant

Oppose Michael Mukasey for Attorney General because he (a) wants to keep Guantanamo open despite the strong objections of the world (b) allow "enhanced interrogation techniques" which is just Bushspeak for torture, an international war crime, and (c) abused material-witness laws to lock up Muslims without charges

Oppose Hans von Spakovsky for FEC Commissioner because of his key role in illegal voter suppression, disciminatory and illegal voter ID laws, the illegal TX redistricting engineered by Tom DeLay, and the stolen election in Florida

Investigate murder of Iraqi civilians by Blackwater by holding Secretary of State Condi Rice and Blackwater CEO Eric Prince in contempt if they refuse to testify before Congress. Demand prosecution of Blackwater employees under the Uniform Code of Military Justice as required by the Graham Amendment

Pass the resolution to condemn Rush Limbaugh for calling troops who are critical of the Iraq Occupation "phony soldiers" and hold Limbaugh accountable by removing his show from Armed Forces Radio. Also condemn Fox News analyst Col. David Hunt for accusing our Generals of "betraying our soldiers ... again"

Override Bush's planned veto of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

Hold White House officials in contempt of Congress for defying subpoenas requiring their sworn testimony and documents. Since Bush's Justice Department refuses to enforce Congressional subpoenas, Congress must use its "inherent contempt" authority to put White House officials in a DC jail until they comply

Investigate major news exposes:* Newsweek report that Dick Cheney is trying to provoke a war with Iran* Rep. Jane Harman's report that the White House terrorized Congress into legalizing warrantless wiretapping with a bogus threat of an attack on Congress itself* El Pais report that George Bush rejected a plan to let Saddam Hussein go into exile one month before he invaded Iraq, which would have made an invasion unnecessary

Join the 20 co-sponsors of H.Res. 333 to Impeach Dick Cheney for lying about Iraq

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