Saturday, March 05, 2005

6th Global Women’s Strike (happening) Tuesday, March 8

From the SF Bay View... something to enlarge your knowledge base, and hopefully engage your mind.

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The Strike always aims to bring women (and men) together across many divisions. It begins with those of us who are invisible as workers: mothers and other caregivers, grassroots activists; those struggling on disability benefits, welfare, social security; homeless people; immigrants with or without papers; domestic and homecare workers; sex workers; prisoners and ex-prisoners; refuseniks; students; rape survivors and others working for justice; whatever our race, nationality, religion, age, sexual choice . . .

Men’s support and participation internationally in Payday, a multiracial network of men, pulls together men’s participation in the GWS. In addition to supporting women’s Strike actions, they have also organized with women and men who refuse to go into the military or to go to war, to be torturers, rapists or killers.

The “poverty draft” which forces thousands of people – mainly people of color and immigrants – to join the U.S. military in order to get money and benefits they can’t get someplace else, makes it possible for the U.S. to wage “endless war.” Those refusing the military are a central part of the movement to end war and poverty. Payday will soon be premiering its film “Refusing to Kill.” Email and visit

There is a peaceful and democratic revolution going on in Venezuela; they call it a Bolivarian Revolution. Also, the people of Haiti, which became the first Black republic in the world after the slaves rose up and beat the French who were in charge of that island nation, are now fighting again to oppose a U.S. invasion and occupation.

Both of these struggles are largely woman-led, although that is often not mentioned, and are important points of power for the Strike. The Strike will be launching its third film on Venezuela, showing that what the grassroots wants and is demanding everywhere is possible to win.

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