Friday, March 04, 2005

A new friend

I was informed by my oldest son that the next blog thingy at the top right of most blogs will transport you randomly to other blogs that you might never otherwise see.... so, I have spent a few evenings reading bits and pieces of blogs that were randomly selected by blogger.

I have stumbled across some very good stuff out there including Josie's Small Town Lesbian blog that is hanging out there like a light for individuals who are searching for someone like Josie to share their thoughts and ideas with.

In this hostile political environment that is forcing its way into the lives of people who definitely don't need it, Josie will be a really good find for a lot of people. I recommend her wonderful energy.


Jozee said...

Thank you so much, Richard. I'm glad to have found you too. JZ

foof said...

Thank you for posting my sisters blog on your blog. Not only did she lose her daugter I too, have not seen my niece for two years.It's sad that some people can be so cruel.I feel sorry for her partner,One day her daughter will descover her momma never wanted to see her go.