Friday, March 25, 2005

Use the off year for education

With all the noise being made about a multitude of political issues, it is always a good thing to remember the issues that aren’t being touted so loudly.

Slowly but surely, the American public is becoming aware of a level of greed and corruption that permeates the political structure from top to bottom. The answers to this dilemma are certainly not obvious, nor will they ever be discovered through the level of discussion currently taking place in the public square. The only hope I can see to elevate the discussion to two sided is through an elevation of knowledge about “how things actually work”.

The following item can be found on the sidebar at Black Box Voting.

Vote fraud 101:
Here is your primer

If you haven't read this, you aren't yet up to speed on how votes can be tampered with using modern voting systems. Chapters download quickly. These will help you hold your own in an informed debate with anyone!

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