Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Downward Mobility

This nasty cold packed up in the middle of the night and moved about 80 percent of its crap downstairs to my lungs. Just when I was beginning to feel a little better, and not sneezing and blowing my nose every two minutes...I wake up with a tight chest, coughing very shallowly because it hurts to do it any other way.

I have been informed by various friends and family members that everyone knows someone who has been down with this crud from three to five weeks. I sincerely hope they are just trying to make me feel better. Well, I don't.

We are still being blessed with spring-like weather which makes being ill even worse.

At least my couch is comfortable enough to sleep on, and I can learn something about why I won't be able to file for bankruptcy from Senator Sessions while I am napping.

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