Sunday, April 10, 2005

Are You Really a Veteran?

This entry is posted for anyone ever serving in the wartime military, or classified with a military disability at any time (and for their Family members).

(My comment) The current Administration, as well as Congress, has become like an ever enlarging boil on the ass of the American People. The irritation (of political conflict and divisiveness) is constant, and the ONLY solution is to lance the boil. Unfortunately, there is no Doctor willing to help you out because of your political beliefs, and the only tool you can find that is long enough to reach the afflicted area is your shotgun. Good Luck. (My comment)

Are You Really a Veteran?
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Buyer is trying to rewrite the definition of "veteran" in a cold and calculated manner that could cost millions of veterans their benefits. Buyer recently won a political tug-of-war and replaced Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) as chairman of HVAC. Smith was known as a true friend of veterans and often broke ranks with his party to forward legislation favorable to the veteran community.


So, what is happening here? Buyer is trying to redefine "veteran," and in so doing, reshape benefit programs to meet his new definition. In short, this means fewer benefits for fewer veterans.


Mr. Natural said...

Hey Daily...anyone, I MEAN ANY BODY who fucks with veterans benefits should be fired, and tarred and feathered. Or even worse, but I don't want to threaten anyone here (it's YOUR blog after all). I cannot BELIEVE that there are assholes out there like this (like Bush the asshole) who try to decimate what is a barely acceptable veterans benefit program already...gosh, do I sound angry?

dailyread said...

Yes Joe, you do sound a little angry. I hope everyone is affected the same way when they read about this stuff.
I checked out the bio on Buyer thinking he was probably another war expert with no actual military experience, but his bio says he is a Gulf War Veteran. That really makes it worse in my mind. How can any Veteran with a conscience treat other Veterans with such a degree of disrespect.