Sunday, April 24, 2005

Right, Left, or just normal?

I started out this morning looking for a local barter site (like Freecycle, which I already belong to, only more for trades), and I ended up browsing through a couple right wing blogs. I am not really sure where I made the transition from one to the other, but it served to remind me that aside from my political beliefs, I am indistinguishable from most Pacific Northwest residents.

I enjoy hunting and fishing, as well as hiking and camping.
I am severely upset about the rules and fees pertaining to access of public lands.
I believe that a man is as good as his word.
I believe my neighbor is a friend unless proven otherwise.
I would rather see a productive small farm than a housing development.
I treat ALL women with respect.
I believe that interaction between consenting adults (any number) is not my concern.
I believe the term “unnatural” refers to corporate farming rather than sex.
I accept no excuse for contaminated water, air or earth at this point in history.

There are many things I could add to “how I think”, but the point I am making is aside from our political differences, we are most likely cut from the same bolt of cloth.

We are proud to work side by side to help a neighbor in distress, to clear roads after a wind storm, to fill sand bags to protect a school or business from rising flood waters, or to make sure the local food bank is prepared for the holidays. With this in mind, it is hard to understand the impact that political labels are having within communities, and the toll they are taking on a Nation’s ability to reflect the character of a shining light designed to guide lost souls safely across the Sea of Wretchedness.

Perhaps we forget that (Republican/Democrat/Conservative/Liberal) labels are like the clothes we put on to go out of the house. Sometimes we look good and think we are a little better than some of the raggedy folks around us, but underneath…we haven’t really changed at all.

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