Saturday, April 23, 2005

What a week…

I had a serious problem with my blog template about a week ago, and in the midst of trying to figure it out, the weather turned summer nice around here causing my to-do list to explode into more little jobs than even a professional retired person should be faced with.

After a lot of messing around with the blog template, I decided to trade it in for another model, which worked up to a point and after a fashion…but not like it was advertised. I finally deleted the last entry preceding the problem, and everything went back to acting as it should.

As I think about it now, deleting that entry should have been my first action. It would have saved me some hours of frustration and a lot of putzing around. On the upside, however, I am a little more comfortable making minor changes in the template.

I have seriously missed reading (Kate, Karlo and Joe) other writer’s thoughts and perceptions, and look forward to getting back to normal for a while.

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