Friday, April 15, 2005

We are starving the wrong beast.

As I think about it, the concept of “taxation for the common good” is necessary for the creation and maintenance of the community foundation. In the hands of politicians, however, it is an ever expanding Golden Egg most often used to barter for power and influence, and an ever increasing burden on the common-folk of this great land.

As America leads the way headlong into an international environment of “might is right because the mighty say so”, we all have to recognize that this attitude is possible “ONLY” because of the revenue stream pouring into the National coffers. It is during a time like the present that we must wonder at the practice of collecting taxes to send to Washington, D.C. to allow the National Congress the ability to create punitive rules which determine whether or not any of that money will be returned to the communities from whence it came (for the common good).

As often as I have heard that the party in power is attempting to alter Government as we know it by “starving the beast”, I have not heard it mentioned in the context that I believe would be beneficial…and that is to eliminate the middle man, and keep the revenue in the communities where it is so desperately needed (and the politicians are close enough to “bitch-slap”).


Mr. Natural said...
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Mr. Natural said...

I believe I smell some sort of "fomenting"....could be....could be....