Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Black box hack test

11-30-05: Nope, the hack test won't be today

What's going on with California Secretary of State Bruce McPherson?

- He asks Black Box Voting to do a test, but tells the press he's asked Finnish security expert Harri Hursti to do it, before he formally invites Hursti or obtains any agreement from Hursti to do the test;

- He gives Black Box Voting a Nov. 30 deadline, then tells the press he has no idea where the Nov. 30 date came from.

- He asks Black Box Voting to confirm they intend to do the test, they confirm. BBV never hears from the sec. state's office again.

- The participants in the test learn by reading in the newspaper... More

Black Box Voting site

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Mr. Natural said...

After a quick perusal over at BBV, it looks like the people in Arnold's cabinet must be kin to the people in GW Boosh's cabinet! All incompetent ass kissers.