Saturday, November 19, 2005

Non-accidental home heating

LNG: The Next Battle Line


The United States derives 23% of its consumed energy from natural gas, and an increase to 28% is expected by 2020. Presently, 85% of US consumption is from domestic wells, with a little less than 15% piped from Canada. Only a fraction of a percent comes from liquefied natural gas ( LNG ), imported by ocean tankers. Today, however, this pattern is changing. Domestic wells are showing production decline. New finds are smaller and rapidly depleted. Obviously, from a ruling class point of view, the answer is to import more natural gas, just as 63% of US oil is now imported. An alternative solution through conservation, life-style change, and conversion to wind/solar energy is unacceptable to the ruling class ( because its elite social position is based on economic expansion ). In a July 10, 2003 statement to the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural resources, Alan Greenspan said, "As the technology of LNG liquefaction ( sic ) and shipping has improved, and as safety considerations have lessened, a major expansion of US import capability appears to be underway." A flurry of corporate proposals for new US LNG port terminals has surfaced, many for the West Coast where no such facilities now exist. An Institute of the Americas' conference held in La Jolla, California on January 29-30, 2004 considered a "boom in liquefied natural gas consumption in the United States, Mexico and Canada" ( The Washington Times ).

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Mr. Natural at Left Edge North has posted about this numerous times, as there is a plan to install one of these storage facilities near the mouth of the Columbia River (his proverbial stomping ground).
I share a concern about the danger of such a facility to the surrounding communities, but I am really concerned about the lack of Government support for a trend toward renewable energy that is capable of home heating without the use of combustibles.
At some point, I would like to help spring the trap-door on the big oil pricks who are currently holding America in the hands-on-ankles position while they lever cash from our pockets to theirs. Did I mention how much I hate those bastards (thanks Mike)?


Mr. Natural said...

Thanks Rich. For those interested, there is more info about the proposed LNG tanker facilities for the Columbia River at

dailyread said...

I checked out their website and bookmarked it. We all have a lot to learn about this topic. Every little bit helps.