Friday, February 24, 2006

Dear Friend

I received a wonderful message from Nancy Pelosi on behalf of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and an excerpt follows:

Our aggressive, 2006 Grassroots Campaign Plan is built upon three powerful strategies.

1. Keep Republicans On The Defensive.

It would take too many pages to list all the examples of the corrupt, incompetent and, in some instances, criminal behavior of Republican powerbrokers. Their pay-to-play philosophy of government has led to disastrous results for America's middle class, our armed forces, our health care system, and the environment.

Democrats will continue to pound away at the Republican culture of corruption that has gripped Washington, D.C. and ensure that voters know how the Republican Party has betrayed their sacred trust with the American people and looted our treasury, burying America under a mountain of debt.

2. Recruiting top tier challengers and protecting incumbents.

We have had unprecedented success in recruiting top tier challengers to take on Republican incumbents and seize Republican open seats. Most of our challengers are new to national campaigns and are depending on our financial, technical and organizational support to win. We are also standing shoulder-to-shoulder with our incumbents who are about to face an all out assault by Karl Rove and company. Our Frontline program is designed to give our incumbents the "early money" they need to organize field staffs, identify voters and get out their message.

3. Mobilizing Voters.

Victory this November will depend on how well we inform voters about what Democratic candidates stand for and how effective we are at getting our voters to the polls. This means developing on the ground, field operations in districts throughout the country and employing every tool we have at our disposal to ensure voters know about the courageous men and women running as Democrats this November.

The success of this plan will depend upon your willingness to get involved and support this unprecedented effort. For example, your gift of ...

$25 will pay for 1 tank of gas to help get voters to the polls on Election Day
$50 will cover the cost of 50 door-to-door contacts with voters
$100 will pay for over 1,000 Get-Out-the-Vote calls
$250 will help us register at least 250 new voters
$350 will pay for the distribution of 2,500 door hangers, educating voters in targeted congressional districts
$500 will cover of the cost to put one television ad up in a rural district in America.

The political climate is right for a big win this November. We have recruited some of the most talented and committed candidates to run for Congress in a generation. We have a winning message and policy agenda that Americans in every Congressional district are hungry for.

But I need you to stand with me and join in this fight for America's future.

Please let me hear from you today.


Nancy Pelosi

House Democratic Leader

PS: Our 2006 Grassroots Campaign Plan is the roadmap for victory this November. All we need is you. Please make a generous contribution today. Click here to read and contribute to the 2006 Grassroots Campaign Plan

This is my response:

Dear Representative Pelosi,

In response to your request for contributions to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, I would like to make a point that has seemed to elude most of our Representatives in both the House and the Senate.

As long as there is corporate influence in the voting process, there is no amount of money, no degree of mobilization, no magic candidate or candidates, and no effective rhetoric that will change the political climate in our Nation’s Capitol.

We have been witness to the theft of two Presidential Elections and at least one major mid-term election that left behind enough evidence of election fraud to put a train load of elected officials and a fair number of voting machine company employees in the hoosegow for a lengthy stay, yet Representative John Conyers seems to be one of the few actually attempting to bring this issue to light. No other Congressional Democrats are speaking out in concert with The Honorable Mr. Conyers (at least not enough to be adequately noted).

Until such time that an aggressive, unified, and sustained attack by Congressional Democrats regarding the issue of election fraud through the use of voting machines controlled by Republican Corporate Cronies becomes the daily norm, I will respectfully decline to send my extremely valuable funds in the direction of Washington, D.C.

If a candidate surfaces who is willing to speak out against corporate influence in the election process, and is decisively against the war in Iraq, I will exercise my desire to contribute to that candidate’s campaign in the hope that a Democrat expressing my Liberal and Progressive views in no uncertain terms will someday hold a House or Senate seat.



Mr. Natural said...

Good on ya DR! I may copy/paste your letter over to my place...more should read it!

dailyread said...

Please do, Mr. N.

If more folks would speak up about what they expect of our Reps, we might begin to see more of them working for us.