Sunday, February 26, 2006

To the House Minority Leader

This was part of a previous post that gave way too quickly to other issues, so I am re-posting it in the hope that it will receive a wider audience.

Dear Representative Pelosi,

In response to your request for contributions to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, I would like to make a point that has seemed to elude most of our Representatives in both the House and the Senate.

As long as there is corporate influence in the voting process, there is no amount of money, no degree of mobilization, no magic candidate or candidates, and no effective rhetoric that will change the political climate in our Nation’s Capitol.

We have been witness to the theft of two Presidential Elections and at least one major mid-term election that left behind enough evidence of election fraud to put a train load of elected officials and a fair number of voting machine company employees in the hoosegow for a lengthy stay, yet Representative John Conyers seems to be one of the few actually attempting to bring this issue to light. No other Congressional Democrats are speaking out in concert with The Honorable Mr. Conyers (at least not enough to be adequately noted).

Until such time that an aggressive, unified, and sustained attack by Congressional Democrats regarding the issue of election fraud through the use of voting machines controlled by Republican Corporate Cronies becomes the daily norm, I will respectfully decline to send my extremely valuable funds in the direction of Washington, D.C.

If a candidate surfaces who is willing to speak out against corporate influence in the election process, and is decisively against the war in Iraq, I will exercise my desire to contribute to that candidate’s campaign in the hope that a Democrat expressing my Liberal and Progressive views in no uncertain terms will someday hold a House or Senate seat.



The Man who Delivered Clint Curtis said...

61-641-8256 Ask for Harriot
866-303-2270 Air America
202-544-5977 America Free Press
904-786-2400 Andy Johnson
401-729-5600 Congresssman Patrick Kennedy
202-225-2661 Congresswoman Barbara Lee
202-518-5624 Scott Mclarty
413-582-0110 Nancy Talanian

To Patrick Fitzgerald, Paul McNulty, Sean Berkowitz, the international police and anyone else willing to listen....

And to FBI Section Chief Michael Mason....

I have just talked to someone who has uncovered hard, irrefutable evidence of Election Fraud. In more than three previous elections and going all the way back to 1980 or before that.....which is all completely real possibly.

That person has the documents locked up tight, and has essentially been sharing them with investigators. You must contact this individual shortly and contact him on a secure line. Use caution and someone needs to get him to a safe location where there is no one that can come after him, or threaten him because he has in his hands evidence that connects the entire RUIM (Jack Abramoff & their international mob) to Election Fraud, directly and in a conclusive fashion.

The following information was taken from him recently via: a rapid-send message and is explosive information which must be dealt with very shortly.

" I have more information that a DOT investigator was going to be terminated on June 29, 2003. It an email dated June 26, 2003. The email lists a place in Miami where the funds would be. This involves Dr. Cole, Dr. Piotr Blass and Mr. Baker."

"FBI,NSA,CIA, NTAB,CCTD-There are more than you could ever imagine. My contacts can trace information back to 1962. That is how deep the trail goes. What I uncovered goes back to 1996. I saw evidence from 1998, 1999,2000, 2001,2002,2003 and 2004. Its not only from July 27, 2004. Its from Key College in August and from Dr. Piotr Blass computer in Boynton Beach, Florida. Listen I have been drugged in Washington D.C. Stabbed in the groin, in New York City in February of 2005, pistol whipped in Philadelphia on November 9th, 2005 and recently abducted by two white men who showed me videos of me from last September when I helped the St. Patrick Four defeat a conspiracy charge that would have made a precedent for the USA Patriot Act. They also showed me a video of my two children from their school in Florida. They then tried to get me to tell them where I had stored the information and where was my partner. I told them to FUCK OFF AND DIE because I will never expose any of the twenty people they want to harm or terminate. At that juncture they stripped me of my clothes, tied my hands behind my chair and took a propane blowtorch and proceeded to burn my dick and balls.
I had to show someone proof the other day in Nevada via a web cam. That is humiliating. I am tired of people not believing. Hell if I was killed the world would still be a bunch of Doubting Thomass."

"Blass has a record of at least four alisas. He is linked to the former KGB, my friend's girlfriend has direct contacts in McLean, Virginia where that information is being held under some National Security Clause."
"sounds like blass is a zionist neocon."
"A long time ago. He did serve in the Yom Kippur War for Israel."

The individual giving this information and proof is named Jeff Fisher. He stumbled upon this information by accident, and it has all been verified.

It needs to be properly vetted by all authorities, because this is how they are sabatoging the election system. And in collusion with their "individual partners" and this will require something beyond anything "CALEA" does.
This individual can be reached here and he can contact you and give his phone number over a secure line.

Patrick Fitzgerald, Berkowitz, Noel Hillman, Sibel Edmonds and so on.... This man will be contacting you and he requires assistance. He has the key to ending this once and for all.

I fully DEMAND that this is fully investigated and he is given safe haven from Division 5.

This is the key to the entire electoral system and further there is a large chance he also has documents from all the way before the 1980 invasion that will show exactly how. It will show exactly how and where, and that is all there is to it.

Do whatever you can, that is my only request.

Doug "American First and Only" Eldritch

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