Tuesday, February 07, 2006

You go girl

2-6-06: Landes takes e-voting to Supreme Court

Lynn Landes is a gutsy American woman following the example of the sufragettes, who fought battles for basic voting civil rights that seemed unwinnable. That is, until they won.

Landes is fighting the suit in the United States Supreme Court as a citizen, by herself, with no lawyer (called a Pro Se case). In her courage, she is resuscitating the spirit of historic independent actions by the citizenry.

"Pro se litigants enrich the law by raising controversial issues which lawyers would be reluctant to do.

"For example, William Penn (founder and proprietor of Pennsylvania) — who never obtained an academic degree — was a Pro Se litigant in Bushel's Case (1670) which established the independence of the jury beyond question in English [and American] jurisprudence." (See this history of ... More

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