Saturday, February 18, 2006

Intelligence on loan from a rendering house

An excerpt from this post by One Pissed Off Veteran:

It just never quits. I heard on the Stephanie Miller show this morning that Rush Oxy-from-Miami Limbaugh whined on his nationally-syndicated-with-a-steadily-shrinking-audience radio show the other day that the New York Times (that grey bastion of the "Liberal Media") in its coverage the whole Paul Hackett debacle ignored the fact that Sherrod Brown was Black.

You just have to go read this guy.


Farnsworth said...

Thanks for the props, DR -- and where did you get that great picture???

dailyread said...

I think Rush's boyfriend took this one for the bathroom wall.
Actually, it was either e-mailed to me by someone who knows how much I admire Rush, or I found it out there on the web and took it home to remind myself that I could look a whole lot worse than I do.

I apologize to the creator for lack of credit...that individual is one talented person.