Sunday, February 27, 2005

Back to normal?

I have spent the past few days feeling miserable with a head cold, sore throat, runny nose (the two full boxes of tissues variety), but woke up this morning feeling almost (not quite) back to normal.

Because the Hannidate items are all over the blogs I enjoy reading, I decided to check out the ones that aren't being touted for the humor.
It actually breaks my heart that some of those ladies are insistent on a man with conservative politics. There are some interesting profiles among the 144 (minus the guys) that really peaked my interest...too bad that I am more liberal leaning and currently studying Spanish (as a language) and Paganism (as a way to connect my love of earth to my lifestyle). Otherwise, I might find myself in a meaningful relationship with a delicious sounding conservative beach walker who enjoys being treated as a respected equal and doted on by one who recognizes the Goddess in every woman. Damn.

I guess I had better get back into the news of the day to take my mind off opportunities I have lost because of my beliefs. Maybe I can find something about my friend Tom Delay that will cheer me up.

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