Saturday, February 12, 2005

Making a long story short

(Continued from the post below)

As I moved slowly through the grieving process, I continued to experience an extreme level of isolation. Nothing (outside my work) that I had previously been involved in seemed to hold any interest for me, including all (but one or two) of my closest friends.

I found myself drawn toward people, places and topics of discussion that were totally outside my realm of normalcy. The Love and compassion that I desperately needed during this time was being offered to me through the kindness of people who were suddenly showing up in my life rather than from the people who had been there all along.

I began reading material from the “self-help” and “spiritual” book shelves rather than the normal fare I loved to read, and as I re-entered an interactive level of society, it was with an insatiable thirst to understand who the hell I was and what the purpose of my existence was all about.

In the nearly twenty years that I have been on this quest, I have experienced numerous revisions in my thinking process and I have come to understand that all the power that exists in this world is within me.

I have experienced “salvation” in every relationship, and I have been “born again” with every worthy concept that has been shared by my heroes, living and dead. I experience excruciating joy in the happiness and well being of other people, and I chuckle light-heartedly at the wonderful outrage expressed by the writers of my favorite progressive blogs.

The greatest lesson I have learned is that Love, in all its wondrous forms, is the only energy that allows fulfilled life. Everything else (fear, hatred, greed, bigotry, avarice, gluttony, etc.) is derived from ignorance, and the true “Light of Christ” is that which exposes the unknown to the ignorant, allowing them to move closer to fulfillment.

Words, including scripture, are only tools. It is knowledge that gives them meaning. Knowledge can only be derived through experience, so “walk the walk” before you exercise the ability to “talk the talk”.

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