Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Memories…while I still can

I was recently thinking about something that happened during my Navy days, and it suddenly dawned on me that the military phase of my existence began forty years ago this coming September.

I started hustling around the internet looking here and there for dust covered memories that I was able to clean off…only to reveal more dust covered memories. The process has gone on for almost a week now, and I have stumbled across old shipmates that I remember but wasn’t particularly close to, as well as finding and talking to a couple of guys that were very good friends.

I have always embraced the philosophy that I have good friends in every community in the world…I just haven’t met them all yet. I guess it is time to amend that with something about old friends I just haven’t reacquainted myself with yet.

At this point (for my generation), the living still outnumber those having passed on, so the time to reach out and share is now. There is nothing more precious than common memories shared by people forced to co-exist during times and events that they will not or can not forget.

I look forward to touching base with many more old friends.

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Jozee said...

Hi, DR,
Thanks for stopping by my blog today .
Hope you have time for some new friends too.
Thanks for the encouragement. That story was about me. JZ