Saturday, February 19, 2005

Mykeru tells it best (the media is working as it must)

Goopers, Guckert and the Only Guy in D.C. with a Clue


It's so obvious that power corrupts and that those seeking power for it's own sake, which is usually a form of greed, are either corrupt to begin with or open to the trade off between their own integrity and the acquisition of power. Of course, regardless of how powerful someone becomes, making that compromise they are still nothing more than a whore. It's like the old joke about the guy who offers a woman a small fortune to sleep with him, and then drops the bid down to twenty bucks. When the woman sniffs "What do you take me for?", he replies something to the effect of "We've already determined what you are, Madame, now it's just a question of price".
We live in the age of the $10 whore.
Most everything you see on television or read in large circulation newspapers, what, for lack of a better term can be called the "mainstream media" (while the better term we are lacking is corporate media), walks in lockstep with the right wing propaganda machine. The media foot soldiers aren't "journalists" as the term is commonly understood. They're "personalities", people who are trained to be human department store mannequins for draping the news over. Investigation, reporting, and speaking truth to power are all well and good to them, but not if any of that would threaten their careers being TV blowup dolls. Honestly, people actually interested in journalism must get weeded out as undergraduate communications majors. Besides, the idea of a reporter, much less a human ventriloquist's dummy like CNN's Wolf Blitzer or any of a dozen totally interchangeable talking heads on Fox News, actually going out and investigating a story on their own initiative is an anachronism. The guys upstairs determine what the news is, the editors and reporters job is to make that foregone conclusion happen.

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