Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Authorities state BSE not unexpected

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The United States Department of Agriculture has announced that a bovine brain sample that had previously tested inconclusive using two rapid tests for BSE, then tested negative on an IHC test, was recently tested again using the Western Blot test with a presumptive positive result.

The sample is now being flown to the BSE World Reference Laboratory in Weybridge, England for further testing.

In a news conference the USDA stated the animal was an aged beef cow and there was no indication it had been imported.

Both Canadian and U.S. authorities have stated it would not be unexpected to find a few additional cases of BSE on either side of the border. Regulations related to food safety, animal feed and international trade in both countries have been designed with this possibility in mind.

(My Comments)

Everyone I know of taking enough interest in this topic to do a minimum amount of their own research has made an informed decision to exclude beef and dairy from their grocery lists. The only exceptions (myself included) are those with the ability to purchase from local sources that can be validated as organic and humane.

It is becoming more apparent that the amount of testing done on beef cattle in this country is woefully inadequate.

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