Friday, June 03, 2005

Moving Forward

It has been difficult for me to get past the whirlwind of memories that Memorial Day conjured up for me. On one hand they were intense and somewhat painful, while on the other hand they brought the realization that I am never as alone as I sometimes think I am.
Knowing that, I can jump back into the mainstream dumpster for more quality reads about food safety, education opportunities for our kids, continuing economic progress for America’s middle class, and how dishonorable it was for “Deep Throat” to have spilled the beans on a bunch of dishonest political criminals (comments conveniently provided by said dishonest political criminals and their stable of enablers). I find it ironic that even Robert Novak (the criminal outer of a CIA undercover operative) has something to say about dishonor in this instance.
So I am moving forward once again. Back to the comfort of Kate, Karlo, my friend out on the LB Peninsula, the General for my daily chuckle, and a host of other bloggers who offer those wonderful sudden turns for my thought process. I hope you all realize that you give much more than you could possibly hope to receive in this continual exchange of ideas…thank you.


Katharine said...

Ah, but DR, you give back at least as much as you get.

A belated happy birthday and many, many thanks for your service. I hope this will not sound at all... I dunno... self-serving coming from someone who as a female was not expected to serve and too young for Vietnam even if she had been male but...

Vietnam was a terrible war that exacted a terrible price, both at the time and beyond for those who fought in it. But at the same time, Vietnam vets bring us a perspective that is uniquely different to other wars in which the U.S. has been involved. Whatever else that War did, it brought us a generation of (mostly) men who are uniquely positioned to understand and teach the rest of us about the cognitive dissonance between what the government says and what a war truly is. While I think these vets have had to pay an unusually high price, the value of what they have taught many of us is at least as substantial. Today's thinking person is, I think, in part made possible by those lessons.

It's late and I'm tired, so I'm not certain that makes any sense. But it's something I've felt since I was a child and hearing the first of the Vietnam vets come back to tell their stories.

dailyread said...

Thank you for the kind words and wishes. They are deeply appreciated, as always.
There is so much to be said about war and the futility of waging it. It is simply an extension of the inability to reach a level of maturity which allows one to understand the meaning and value of compromise. This lack of maturity is showing itself at every level of our current social fabric because it is being displayed by the people we have placed in roles of leadership.
Not only is this very distressing, but it is really beginning to piss me off. (as you might gather from the tone of my recent posting)
The oneDeltaTenTango (ID10T) crowd that is currently running the show in this country simply must be removed from their duties and replaced with Adults. I suggest reading the Frank Luntz memo as well as Newt Gingrich's word list, and utilizing this concept in reverse as we continue forward. Our rants will not change so dramatically in our minds, but they will be received with greater impact by our fringe readers.
As Liberals, we will challenge Sean Hannity's traiterous use of intellectual dishonesty and his sick, pathetic, destructive attempts to further the Republican abuse of power, the right-wing corruption and his continual betrayal of our Liberal legacy to protect the citizens of America through truth, prosperity, commitment, freedom, hard work and common only progressive Liberals are caring and passionate enough to do.
Carry on.