Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What a bunch of SH..

(This is where Kate links to Crooks &Liars)

Sean Hannity asked Rosie:

Do you DENY the Iraqi people and the world are better off with Saddam out of power?

My answer:

I fervently believe the Iraqi people AND the world are much worse off with Saddam out of power unless you define the Iraqi people as those currently in power and you define the world as multi-national contractors with a mandate to reconstruct Iraq or provide a private army of bodyguards to those able to afford the cost.

Sean Hannity continues to refer to the mass graves and 400,000 bodies he saw pulled from them after Saddam fell, but that image will eventually pale next to the number of innocent Iraqis butchered, burned and savaged from the beginning of “shock and awe” through the scandal and corruption that Congress refuses to talk about or investigate.

Saddam could have been removed from power in a manner that would have avoided plunging the country into an illegal war that has served to highlight the ignorance, arrogance and ineptitude of our current Administration. And the Iraqi people and the world would have been better off for it.

Is it defamation of character to say I would pay to watch someone take Hannity’s temperature with a Volkswagon bus?


Mr. Natural said...

"I would pay to watch someone take Hannity’s temperature with a Volkswagon bus?" POST A FILM CLIP! That is the richest thing I have heard in ages!
Right now I am ashamed of being an American veteran. My wife is Kiwi and we are talking of moving to New Zealand after my mom who we sorta take care of is gone...

dailyread said...

I see Gannon out there jumping up and down with a huge jar of vaseline in his hand shouting "I'll do it, I'll do it".
I hate to hear that you are seriously in the dumps, Joe. I understand your frustration, and I respect your position...but I can see things turning against Bush and the boys and Condi slowly, but more rapidly every day.
There was quite a bit of mention regarding the Downing Street Memo on the news yesterday. CNN had a segment on NewsNight with Aaron Brown that was more informational than anything else I had seen. I attribute that to two things: the fact that Blair is in country, and the fact that the bloggers have been screaming Downing Street Memo so loudly that it had to be mentioned in the public discourse.
Hang in there my friend. I have considered stopping by to see you in OP next time I make it to your area. Last time I was down there was for a pool tournament in I-town(we got spanked).
Anyway...keep the chin up.