Monday, June 27, 2005

Treason from within the Republic

It has been increasingly difficult to post the past couple weeks. By the time I have made my way through the horror story of the day, I am completely out of emotional steam. I have been forcing myself to spend some time focusing on other interests and things that need to be done around the house.

I sat down this afternoon and watched a replay of the hearing into fraud, waste, and abuse being perpetrated by Halliburton’s KBR in Iraq. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this situation is being aided and abetted by the entire Republican structure from Bush and Cheney to the very least of the corrupt Congressional Republicans in both the House and Senate. The actions consistently taken to protect KBR from the consequences of their egregious business practices against the American taxpayer and , especially, against our men and women in uniform had to be taken at the direction of someone very high up in the Bush Administration. (
Cut to the Chase link)

Providing poor quality food to our troops (that could easily contribute to their inability to maintain a fighting edge while attempting to carry out their duties) is, in my mind, a treasonous act and should be dealt with accordingly. There were enough allegations presented at this hearing to demand an immediate full-scale investigation and public hearings that are attended by the leadership of both parties.

The Republican power brokers in this Administration and this Congress have shown time and again that their primary interest is retaining and increasing their power at any cost. They have methodically infused every institution of Government with corruption and politicization to ensure their grip on policy making, decision making, and information disclosure will not be easily loosened by their political adversaries. The public, whose interests they are charged to protect, have become inconsequential to this party of supposed moral values.

As we think about the hard work ahead to rid ourselves of this corrupt Republican influence that permeates our political system, it would be wise to focus on the only thing that could possibly return ANY of these political vermin to a public office.
There will be an election in 2006 that will serve as the vehicle to begin the healing process for this politically violated Nation ONLY if the election is controlled by honest brokers and no longer by corrupt Republicans.

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