Monday, June 06, 2005

What's cooking?...and in what?

(Where this came from)

Generally speaking, it's the nickel in stainless steel that concerns people. Nickel is a well known toxin and some people are even allergic to skin contact with metals that contain nickel. The rule of thumb is that magnetic stainless steel is ok because it does not contain nickel, and non-magnetic stainless steel should be avoided because it contains nickel. (See this thread from WAPF Chapter Leaders for an example.)More detailed information can be found on the Stainless Steel Information Center's faq which explains that: "The 300 series (which contains nickel) is NOT magnetic. The 400 series (which just contains chromium and no nickel) ARE magnetic." (But 300 series steel can be made magnetic according to this page.)


Karlo said...

Don't tell me I need to start avoiding stainless steel now. I've just managed to get all the aluminum out of my house. Is stoneware still okay?

dailyread said...

Hey Karlo,
Stoneware seems to be okay at my house (unless it has been in the sink longer than five days). To ensure absolute confidence, however, I suggest that everyone follow my lead. Waxed cardboard and chopsticks.