Friday, July 08, 2005

Abolish election theft

It really doesn’t matter which issue you decide to pour your energy into if the ability to steal elections is not addressed and resolved first. Every blogger should realize the importance of carrying links to voting issues on the sidebar or in a weekly post. If you don’t make it a point to visit Black Box Voting on a regular basis, this issue just might slip from your mind until 2006 when the voters are once again burned at the voting booth. Please don’t let lack of interest occur on your watch.

Voting for Reform

News: For progressive Democrats, fixing the electoral system is job number one.
By Jeff Fleischer
June 21, 2005


Mr. Natural said...

OK D.R., you have a good point, but I don't HAVE a sidebar any more...I have really goofed up my publishing template!
I sometimes wonder if we are so far down the toilet now that we will ever get back up to clear air...know what I mean?

dailyread said...

Right you are...don't worry about the sidebar thing, because you do a good job of placing links in your posts. Just try to remember to mention the voting thing once a week or so, and maybe we can keep it at the forefront.