Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Good to be home

This should have been my first post after coming home from a great trip to the ocean, but the article on domestic violence begged to be heard. I hope you read it all, and I hope you feel as I do toward those able to assert their manliness only in the presence of submissive women and children… of course you do, or you probably wouldn’t find anything of interest in the topics that populate this blog.

The picture is of a Southwest Washington beach at sundown. Thirty minutes later, it was dark except for the brief colorful flashes from skyward bound explosives expressing our ability to carry on under the threat of terror. The fireworks displays continued long after I had tasted the bottom of my last White Russian, and was snuggled deep into my sleeping bag.

I managed to work in a face to face meeting with the author of Left Edge North and his lovely wife, Ellen, during this much enjoyed getaway. We were forced to hold our meeting at Doc’s Tavern in Ocean Park because the Republicans refused to allow the use of Congressional meeting rooms for progressive purposes. Joe and Ellen seem to be great people, and I am pleased that we were able to get together for a brief time. Perhaps we will manage to do so again.

It is good to be home with a wonderful road trip behind me, and the prospect of Karl Rove being exposed as “the best argument for abortion” possibly only days ahead.

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Mr. Natural said...

It was also good to meet you, Mister Daily Read! You got lucky weather-wise, but then you knew that...Doc's is a noisy place - hence the fun I guess. Glad to hear you guys had a dandy time. It is always a pleasure to meet another lefty progressive. Perhaps there IS something valid about the old Moody Blues line: "No doubt the universe is unfolding as it should."