Saturday, July 23, 2005

Redefining Honesty and Integrity

Muffled No Longer, Rowley Runs for Congress
Speaking of suicide bombers, FBI agent did—before 9-11—but superiors in D.C. didn't listen

(Excerpt from Village Voice)

Think how devastating it would have been in November 2004. And this is an internal report, mind you. Coleen Rowley made the report's first page:
One of the key questions arising after the attacks was what information the
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) knew before September 11 that was
potentially related to the terrorist attacks. On May 21, 2002, Coleen Rowley,
the Chief Division Counsel in the FBI's Minneapolis Field Office, wrote a
13-page letter to FBI Director Robert Mueller in which she raised concerns about
how the FBI had handled certain information in its possession before the

Oops. But too bad if you want to learn more. The rest of that intro (see top photo) was redacted by regime officials, because it concerns Moussaoui. The report's entire chapter on Moussaoui is also blacked out—yes, still blacked out even though Moussaoui finally pled guilty last April.
To refresh your memory, read Rowley's May 21, 2002, memo to FBI Director Robert Mueller; a redacted (of course) version was posted by Time. In it, Rowley told Mueller:

The issues are fundamentally ones of INTEGRITY and go to the heart of the FBI's law enforcement mission and mandate.


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