Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Democrats speak on Bush protecting Rove

Why Is Bush Protecting This Man?

Posted by Jesse Berney on July 12, 2005 at 06:25 PM


George Bush campaigned as someone who would "restore honor and integrity" to the office of the Presidency. As President, George Bush told his senior staff that they must "avoid even the appearance" of ethical violations. Recently it has become clear that this was all empty rhetoric.

Karl Rove, one of Bush's closest friends and Senior Advisor potentially violated the law when he disclosed the identity of an undercover CIA agent. Ever since the leak was announced in 2003, the White House has defended Karl Rove. They have called the claims Rove was the leak" ridiculous." At the same time, George Bush was saying that if there were a leak they the leak would be "taken care of" and criminal charges would be filed.

Now, President Bush has a tough choice to make: does he protect the man who constructed his rise to power, or does he keep his promise to the American people?

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Mr. Natural said...

It is ALL TALK. The whole time the Bush Gang has been in power it has been ALL TALK. BAIT AND SWITCH, SMOKE AND MIRRORS, OBFUSCATING THE OBVIOUS....lying is what they do, and what GW Bush in PARTICULAR does...he is a hollow man, a non-person who has never DONE anything in his life except be born to dirty Bush money.

oh golly, does Mr. Natural sound angry?