Tuesday, July 12, 2005

More Fraud, Waste, and serious Abuse

Reforming California's Prisons: An Interview With Jackie Speier

News: The state senator is working to hold California's powerful corrections department to account.

Interviewed By Lisa Katayama
July 7, 2005

(Excerpt from Mother Jones article)

In April of this year, Jackie Speier spent the night at Valley State Prison for Women to find out for herself what the living conditions in a California women's prison were like. Having recently visited Valley State myself as an attorney representative for California Prison Focus, I was curious to hear about her experience, and to find out more about the reforms she was pursuing.

(My Comments)

If you don’t have a friend or family member currently riding out a hitch in the pen, you are among the few. The prison industrial complex has long been competing with the military industrial complex as a vehicle to siphon taxpayer funds into corporate coffers. This article focuses on California’s prison system, but a little research will uncover a vast number of articles directed toward the high cost of corruption permeating the prison system in most (if not all) other states.
The war on drugs has filled our prisons from sea to shining sea with non-violent offenders who should be working out their social problems in a way that allows them to continue caring for their families, and contributing to their communities in positive ways rather than adding to the financial burden of a constantly increasing prison industry.
Please check this out, and add your voice to the demand for common sense solutions to a situation that is already out of control.

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