Friday, August 12, 2005

Dead Man Walking II

In my younger days, I had occasion to frequent the Clallam County jail for a few days. I had the unique, if not joyful, experience of sharing a community cell block with a large tribal member named Irving.
Irving might have been a really nice guy in another setting, or another life, but in the community cell block, he was the definitive alpha male, hell bent on keeping everyone else on their toes, nervous, and looking forward to their release date.

It is my fervent prayer that there is another community cell block full of tribal brothers exactly like Irving (hopefully much worse) waiting to receive Jack Abramoff , Tom DeLay, and all their cohorts with a part (however minor) in defrauding the tribal casinos when their day of judgment finally arrives.

I would like to thank Irving for being part of the reason I became the upstanding citizen that I am today.

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